Passengers in Need of Assistance

Passengers with pets

반려동물 가능(국내선) Domestic flights

Pets allowed on board

반려동물 불가(국제선) International flights

Pets not allowed on board

We do not carry pets in the car; hold on domestic or international flights.

Each passenger is allowed only 1 pet in 1 pet carrier. (A newborn animal and a nursing mother may be carried in the same carrier.)

Passenger is recommended to affix a label to the outside of the carrier with the passenger's name in English and emergency contact information.

Only two pets total are allowed on board per flight. Please contact our Customer Center to verify that a slot is available for your pet.

Animals which may not be carried (on board)

Only dogs, cats or birds may be transported on board. No other types of animal (rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, turtles, snakes, chicks, chickens and pigs, etc.) may board.

In addition, your animal may not be carried on the plane if: 1) the combined weight of your animal and the carrier exceeds 7 kg; 2) if the carrier exceeds 37 cm in width and 23 cm in height; 3) if your carrier does not fit beneath the seat in front of you, or; 4) if the flight is already carrying the maximum number of animals.

Pets administered sedatives or sleep-inducing drugs may not be carried, as these drugs may cause dangerous drops in core body temperature or blood pressure.

Animals which are unstable or aggressive, give off a severe odor or are unhealthy, and gestating females cannot be carried.

Aggressive dogs as specified in the Enforcement Regulations of the Animal Protection Act by Ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, as well as pets which exhibit aggressive tendencies, may not be carried.

Transport of pets

Pets for which the combined weight of the pet and the pet carrier sold at the airport or brought by the customer does not exceed 7 kg may be brought on board.

Your pet should be fed and watered at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, and the floor of the carrier should be lined with paper, towels or blankets, etc.

To ensure safety, removing pets from their carriers is strictly prohibited.

You will be required to fill in and submit a Pet Transport Declaration at check-in.

Requirements for carrier

For transport in the cabin: Sum of all dimensions (WxLxH) cannot exceed 100 cm, with width up to 37 cm and height up to 23 cm

Carrier should have sufficient space to allow comfortable movement of your pet

Carrier should be made of a sturdy material such as metal, wood or plastic (carriers brought into the cabin may be made of cloth, leather or other soft material)

Carrier should have air holes and should be waterproofed

Carrier should have a locking mechanism which can be opened from outside in case of emergency

Service charge

KRW 15,000/ROUTE

Passengers traveling with pets will be charged for carriage regardless of whether or not the passenger has any other luggage. Please contact the Fly Gangwon customer center to arrange for carriage in advance of your trip.