Flight Ticket Cancellations/Refunds

Please check how to get refunded!

Cancellation/ Refund Period

When cancelling/refunding flight tickets online on the day of purchase(~23:50,Korea local time), refund penalties and fees are not payable. Cancelling/refunding flight tickets purchased offline, such as a customer center or airport counters, must be requested during the business hours of each center or airport counter. However, please be advised that cancelling/refunding additional services you purchased cannot be refunded within 2 days before your departure date.

Refund is only available within 30days from the expiration date of flight tickets. Please note that refund cannot be possible after the validity periods.

Reservation via Website

Cancelling/refunding flight tickets are available via homepage.

When cancelling/ refunding partially used international tickets, it is not possible to cancel the unused portion of tickets via homepage. Please contact customer center.

Reservation from Travel Agencies

If you purchased your flight tickets from a travel agency, please request a refund to the place where you purchased at.

The refund amount may vary depending on each travel agencies’ regulation.

Refund Request

In case of refunding the tickets purchased by cash, the refund amount is paid only to the holder of the flight ticket or to the delegated person.

If you used real-time bank transfer service, refund is available on the website, and refund amount will be transferred to your paid account within 3~7 working days.

In case of refunding tickets purchased with credit card, it generally takes 3~4 working days to request a refund, please contact a credit card company after refund process is complete.

You cannot receive refund in cash when you purchased tickets with credit card. Even though you cancel the credit card used to purchase a ticket, refund amount is paid to the credit card account used before via credit card company.

Refund Currency

Refund is paid in the currency of the first payment or in the currency of the paying country.

Refund Policy

Cancellation/Refund penalties and fees is applied based on fare regulation you purchased.